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Introducing SMART-GATE

Imagine a parking facility that governs itself. It remembers monitors and associates vehicles with drivers, allowing seamless entry or exit. Imagine being notified and granted live control of the action to make whenever your gate is used.

SMART-GATE hosts a service whereby vehicle entry and exit to a gate is performed by a combination of number plate recognition and detection of the driver's presence through their smart phone. The system is initiated automatically as a vehicle approaches a gate. Users of a SMART-GATE may update security settings and permissions through their mobile/web application.

SMART-GATE offers businesses and households a chance to embrace this latest specialised technology which may add peace of mind to anyone who uses it.

What SMART-GATE Does for you

Bob is a homeowner in an estate and is concerned about his vehicle’s safety. Furthermore, he is worried about the level of security from unwanted individuals accessing the estate. Bob has become weary from constantly attending to his guests as they arrive. He wishes someone or something could address all of his concerns.

Sarah is a socialite with more friends than she can count. She loves hosting small get-togethers for her neighbours and close friends. She is sometimes worried about people gate-crashing her events and would like to have more control over who attends.

ACME business inc. has over 1000 employees, all of whom share a parking lot. Arriving every morning proves to be a lengthy process, as security personnel log each vehicle’s license plate and driver. The business would like an easier way to have access to this information as well as clearly defined arrival and departure times for each employee.