SMARTGATE CONSUMER ELECTRONICS (Pty) LTD is a South African startup founded in May 2015. The company has thus far won three awards at the 2015 MIT Global Startup Labs in South Africa:
1. Most Technologically Impressive Award
2. Bold Vision Award
3. Peoples Choice Award


Progress is a highly curious Individual, an entrepreneur and an inventor at heart. He studied Actuarial and Financial Mathematics at the University of Pretoria. He loves computers from building them, to playing and working with them. Progress believes that anything is possible if the right minds are put to work on it.

"If you aren't living for your dreams, then what are you living for?" - Progress Mashabela

Nithien is passionate about mathematics and wishes to soon make a lasting contribution to the information and communication technologies. He chooses to think that if combined well, internet and landscape may be soon used to empower and free the minds of people and societies.

Nithien associates himself with his land, it’s changing needs, his love for life and all virtue that is revealed in it being true. He imparts creativity and clarity to any and all concerns.

"Education with good knowledge is love." - Nithien Badal