Business/Office Parks

SMATE-GATE conducts paperless administration of all vehicles that enter or exit the office park or business. This information is automatically available to managers, and respective sub-letters (i.e. HR departments).

Improved Traffic Flow

As vehicles approach the gate, a camera captures details of the incoming vehicle number plate. Driver information is then queried via the SMART-GATE smart-phone app. The combination of this provides open passage automatically.

Vehicle & Property Security (VPS)

All unauthorised vehicles will not be granted access to the office park. All interactions with the gate are logged and notifications are sent to the respective individuals automatically. All gate information is readily available to the office park manager.


All companies in the office park are granted administration platforms. Administrative management of gate users with respect to each company is handled in mutual isolation. Employee arrival and departure times are readily available to HR departments (configurable). Invitations are attached with information, directing all visitors to the gate using location services. This is complemented with notifications, and communication when deemed necessary.

Additional Services

Employees working in the office park are able to invite visitors and guests directly through their smart-phones. Users associated with a given SMART-GATE may communicate with each other. Restrictions on the employee with regards to invitations and communications may be set by their respective employers.

Security Personnel:

Security personnel posted at gates may now: Perform manual overrides with linked reasons and notifications to all parties involved. This is necessary when visitors claim to have authorisation for access but is contradicted by the information on the system servers. Validate vehicles using the gate by vehicle registration information such as type, car make and color. Associated drivers will also be identified by driver’s licence information. All this information may be updated through our web and smart-phone application interfaces. Security Personnel may communicate directly with parties involved when required by the scenario.

SMART-GATE’s offering extends as a retrospective solution that can be integrated with any gate. 24 hour video surveillance is also available.