SMART-GATE gives depot managers added power and control. It is an access control system that may improve security and the assist the management of fleets.

Automatic Monitoring & Logging

SMART-GATE enables paperless administration of fleet and driver arrival and departure times as they arrive and leave their depots. It is an automatic digitization of traffic flow logs and records which are easily accessible by management. This way management can track which driver drove which bus/truck with time stamps. Tracking inventory is easily achieved by adding descriptions to fleets on the database.

Each employee that arrives using a vehicle is also logged onto a separate database which monitors arrival and departure times. This information may be accessed directly via web devices or through native ERP/HR/SAP software. This can also be integrated with fleet management software. Comprehensive logs of arrival and departure times may be accessed by respective departments in a similar manner.

Vehicle-Driver Authorisation

SMART-GATE provides traffic access control features which includes vehicle and driver identification. It has a web application that allows administration and monitoring of arrival and departure of buses. The administrator will be able to associate drivers with their buses; as this is automatically logged onto a database. Administrators can then manage the trips being made in real time.

Asset Control & Security

SMART-GATE offers protection of fleets against theft. All fleets that use the gate will be associated with a driver. This information is automatically logged to the system. Managers can then therefore create restrictions with regards to authorisation. Gates are opened when a valid combination feet and driver is detected.