SMART-GATE gives estate managers and residents an added peace of mind. It allows a greater degree of control and awareness of security and access within a property or estate. Estate managers may access records of logs and monitor incoming and outgoing vehicles. Pedestrian access is accommodated through use of the mobile application alone. This is achieved by putting a passive interactive technology into the hands of the drivers.

Property/Estate Management

Managers have access to complete records of gate usage with links to the home owner who authorised access. This is achieved with our web application. Data in excel or any other formats is available upon request. They are also given allowance to directly communicate with their home owners. Managers may set out parameters or customize restrictions in their respective estates. They also receive live updates of gate usage. We also offer a 24 hour video surveillance service. Full assistance during the initialization process will be provided.

Security Personnel

SMART-GATE enables guards to identify anyone who enters the estate. Information such as ID numbers and vehicle registration is captured automatically. This information is available to the guards through mobile or web applications. Guards’ attention will be freed up; this helps them focus more on security measures. Personnel may have an administrator account generated by the estate manager.

Guards may perform manual overrides with linked reasons and notifications to all parties involved. This is necessary when visitors claim to have authorisation for access but is contradicted by the information on the system servers. Validate vehicles using the gate by vehicle registration information such as type, car make and color. Associated drivers will also be identified by driver’s licence information. Security Personnel may communicate directly with parties involved when required by the scenario.


Residents are presented as users with their associated vehicle and unit number. Users associated with a given residence may communicate with each other via the mobile app. Residential users are given real-time control over the gate, as well as the ability to add vehicle registrations of their guests to the system. There is no limit to the number of guests a resident can add, however constraints may be set by an estate manager.

Vehicle Security

Motorists may employ the SMART-GATE geo-verification feature which adds a powerful layer of security to their vehicles. With this feature turned on, vehicle entry or exit is prevented without the user’s phone being detected. Additionally, if this is attempted, the rightful user and administrators will receive notifications of this occurrence. Managers may make this setting compulsory. Residents may grant visitors access to their property within custom parameters.