SMART-GATE technology is built around inefficiencies inherent in access control systems. Installations are also available as a retrospective solution. We provided services for Businesses, Logistics and Residential. Services are aimed at supporting fleet management.

SMART-GATE allows automatic logging and monitoring of access control events. The system is initiated automatically as a vehicle approaches a gate. Users may update security settings and permissions through their SMART-GATE user accounts.

SMART-GATE automatically allows all authorised vehicles to enter a property. Unauthorised vehicles are denied access. This automation is based on verification of a valid number plate together with details associated to the driver. This is achieved by introducing networks that enable smart phones to intact with systems governing the gate.

All entities that are authorised will be associated with the authoriser. These relationships are stored and may be accessed via the web-application. SMART-GATE logs information to a cloud based database whenever a vehicle access a gate. A notification may be sent to the authorised user as well as the authoriser through smartphones or through channels arranged by the client.

This technology is specialised for the following enterprises: Business/Office Parks , Logistics/Fleet-Management and Residential/Estates